William Scott 1913 - 1989


David Anderson Gallery, New York
Private Collection, USA


London, Gimpel Fils, William Scott, May 1978, cat no.8
Toronto, Gallery Moos, 1978
Buffalo, Anderson Gallery, William Scott Memorial Exhibition, September 26th - October 31st 1992, cat no.40


In the late 1960s Scott began to re-emphasise in his paintings and drawings the familiar kitchen objects, the pots and pans, that had been accommodated only as more abstract shapes during the earlier part of the decade. From this time on the distinction between abstraction and figuration was less emphasised in Scott's work. Schematised drawings of recognisable but extremely simplified objects were combined with more abstracted shapes in compositions of great refinement and clarity. In the later large still lifes, as here, the spaces between the shapes, seen against a completely flat ground, are of particular importance.