Grayson Perry b. 1960


Private Collection, UK


'The Working Class are so hideously ugly but I'm so two-faced, full of, reek of hypocrisy. I am what I buy, I blame it on my awful parents, childhood trauma manifesting itself in later. The spiritual ancestors were all Sloane Rangers. People with Good Taste. I've burnt all his love letters, he turned out to be such a shit! I am just one of those women who shop. My therapist gave me a Divorce present. Posh art I love it! My family tree is full of old perverts. James Birch a fantastic lover but David darling is so reliable. What you said in the 1990's Come round for a 'little' tea party. I have some lovely modern Art in a more palatable form. Have you heard my brother Grayson has just had a baby girl, Florence, she's a real poppet. Must go, Love Claire'