Cecil Collins 1908 - 1989


Mrs Cecil Collins
Private Collection, UK


Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, Cecil Collins: A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Tapestries 1928-1959, November - December 1959, cat no.55, illus b/w plate XI

Cambridge, The Arts Council Galleries, Cambridge Society of Painters and Sculptors Exhibition, details untraced.


Nomi Rowe (ed.), In Celebration of Cecil Collins, Visionary Artist and Educator, Foolscap, London, 2008, illus b/w p185


Collections History
This painting was in the private collection of Elisabeth Collins, the artist's wife, before it was given as a gift to Peter Bowles, the actor.
Cecil Collins met Elisabeth Ramsden at the Royal College of Art. Elisabeth was the eldest daughter of a Yorkshire newspaper proprietor and had ovecome her parent's objections to her studying sculpture. In 1931, the year Cecil graduated, Elisabeth defied her parents and married Cecil. His mother opposed the match, partly out of her Cornish suspicion of the English. All this would have enhanced the couple's lifelong rejection of authority and conventionality. Elisabeth became Cecil's muse and support throughout his life. She devoted herself to caring for him and enabling him to continue manifesting his visionary works of art.