Alison Wilding: Acanthus, asymmetrically

26 May - 7 July 2017

An exhibition of new sculpture, drawings and prints in association with Karsten Schubert, London.

Friday 26 May - Wednesday 21 June 2017


'Looking at my sculptures is not always easy. Stalking the work and being drawn into its territory, entering and leaving at any point, is a beginning. An exploration - circular, not linear - of the sculpture through its materials and surfaces, its external and internal spaces, can be a visceral, intellectual or emotional experience. The experience of looking will always be separate from the experience of describing, even if the one will lead to the other'.


Alison Wilding - quoted in Penelope Curtis (ed.) Contract, Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds, 2000, p14



Please contact Rebecca Beach at the gallery for more information about available works.