Texture, Line and Form: A conversation between ten women artists

13 - 27 May 2022


Offer Waterman is delighted to present an exhibition surveying ten women artist’s exploration of line and form. Weaving together an imagined conversation between painters, ceramicists, sculptors and photographers, this exhibition takes the viewer on a visual journey spanning more than half a century.


Drawing on the multidisciplinary nature of the post-war British art scene, the exhibition includes carving by the Singaporean-British sculptor and printmaker Kim Lim, shown alongside work by two of the most important living British sculptors working today, Rachel Whiteread and Alison Wilding. Mid-century photographer Lee Miller finds new footing alongside contemporary artists Nicole Coson, Sarah Kogan and Tarka Kings, who’s finely worked drawings move eloquently between the abstract and figurative.


Together with contemporary artist Clementine Keith Roach, the exhibition will also present an important group of ceramics by Austrian-born Lucie Rie, who fleeing Nazi persecution, arrived in Britain in 1938. In a traditionally male-dominated sphere, Rie paved the way for contemporary makers and elevated the field of ceramics to that of the fine arts through her delicately thrown stoneware and porcelain pots. Tess Jaray came to London as a refugee from Austria in the same year as Rie. She is one of the leading painters of her generation, her work shares affinities with minimalism, architectural drawing, Op Art and other movements but resist any singular classification.


This exhibition will celebrate the different ways in which these artists explore the concept of texture, line and form in their art, drawing dialogues spanning geography and period. Whilst not necessarily artists that looked to one and other within their work, they are all bound by their ingenious use and understanding of materials, through which they push and pull, forging a way forward and breaking new ground.


On view, Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm, until Friday 27 May 2022.