Frank Auerbach: Modern Painters

FRANK AUERBACH once described his process of working and reworking his compositions as "an attempt to find a secret interval geometry" behind his subjects. Some of the artist´s first portraits are on view this month at the Offer Waterman gallery. "His ideas for paintings, and for the subjects, obviously involved in the more than 20-year span of this exhibition", note the show´s curator. Catherine Lampert. "One of the obvious differences in his method came from, beginning in the late ´60s, (the choice) to scrape off paints -and, in a sense, to begin again during the following session". Featuring a clutch of works culled from private collections, "Franks Auerbach, Early Works 1954-1978" Will include oil paintings and charcoal drawings, such as Studio with Figure on Bed II, 1966, which depicts the artist´s work space environment, while other portraits show familiar subjects, such as the painter.


Leon kossoff and Auerbach´s often used models, Estella Olive West and Joan Yardley Mills.


GRACE- YVETTE GEMMEL, Modern Painters, November 2012 issue

November 1, 2012