Robert Rauschenberg - House and Garden Review

Our exhibtion is featured in January's issue of House and Garden. Emily Tobin writes:


'American artist, 'Robert Rauschenberg's career was one of inexhaustible creativity. He was a painter, sculptor, printmaker, photographer and performance artist, and provided a vital bridge between Abstract Expressionism and Pop. This month, a major retrospective of his work will open at Tate Modern, alongside a second, smaller exhibition at Offer Waterman gallery in Mayfair.


"The thing that defines Rauschenberg is his curiosity," says Catherine Wood, senior curator at Tate Modern. "He was inquistive about so many things: travel, people, craft, technology." This insatiable appetite for his surroundings made him an astute observer who was quick to experiment and readily switched between medium. Newspapers, fabrics, car parts, light bulbs and even ironing boards found their way into his work. His quest for innovation extended to his relationships, too, as Offer Waterman, explains: 'Rauschenberg's lifelong commitment to collaboration with performers, printmakers, engineers, writers and artists also drove his explorations further and encouraged a constant reassessment of his own artistic practice and development."




December 8, 2016