Robert Rauschenberg - Apollo and The Art Newspaper

Our exhibition of transfer drawings is reviewed by  Digby Warde-Aldam in Apollo and featured by Anny Shaw in The Art Newspaper online today.


Digby Warde-Aldam writes:

'I haven't had a chance to see Tate Modern's impressive sounding Rauschenberg show yet, but an exhibition of his transfer drawings at Mayfair's Offer Waterman has set the stake stratospherically high. Comprising of more than 30 works, some of which represent the groundwork for his screen prints, it is an absolutely first class display.


You could easily write his transfer drawings off as addenda to Rauschenberg's more showy output, but to my mind, they are among the most satisfying works of his long, uncategorisable career. Most of the examples here were produced between 1961 and 1969 and feature headlines and illustrations culled from news magazines. Of particular interest is a set  from 1968, which judging by the repeated subject matter of the text appropriated into them, were produced in a short blast of just a couple of days. Many artists- Rauschenberg included- have produced similar works, but the delirous energy that seems to shout from each example here will leave you giggy.'


Anny Shaw writes:

'As Robert Rauschenberg’s retrospective opened to rave reviews at Tate Modern last week, a group of his transfer drawings, including two once owned by Andy Warhol, went on show at London’s Offer Waterman gallery. It is the first time this body of work, created between 1958 and 1969, has been exhibited together in the UK. A selection is also on show in the Tate Modern exhibition.

Rauschenberg created hundreds of transfer drawings, which drew on the mass media of post-war America and were often highly political in content. The civil rights movement, the presidential election of 1968, wars in Vietnam and Algeria and man landing on the moon are among the events covered in the series.'


Read Anny Shaw's full feature here

December 9, 2016