Tarka Kings in the FT Weekend Magazine

Gallery artist Tarka Kings' Scottish home features in the FT Weekend Magazine on Saturday 14th November.


'Airlie Castle sits perched above a deep gorge where the rivers Isla and Melgam meet. Built in Angus in the north-east of Scotland by the Ogilvy family in 1432, it was constructed as a fortification; the river essentially works as a moat, wrapping itself around the base of a vertiginous drop. Only one vast wall remains from the original castle that was burnt down in 1640. A mansion was built on the site of the ruin in the late 18th century, and added to over time, creating an L-shaped structure along the cliff. 


Airlie is the Scottish home of London-born artist Tarka Kings and her husband, the Scottish-American singer-songwriter and heir David Ogilvy, who divide their time between here and an airy, open-plan home in London, which they share with their three sons. The castle comes freighted with the weight of David’s family history. But the pair have managed successfully to marry their deeply different stories through their shared creative gifts.'


Read the full article by Fiona Golfar here: FT WEEKEND


November 11, 2020