Graham Sutherland 1903 - 1980


Dr Andrew Revai
Robin Chancellor
James Kirkman
Private Collection, USA


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Sutherland has described ( in a manuscript note in the Tate Archives) how his interest in the Thorn Tree theme revived in the spring of 1954 when he went for a walk on a high mountain behind Monte Carlo and overlooking Peille. On a plateau in a declevity in the ground he found very tightly compact miniature bushes growing close to the ground. He started to make drawings, some in a vague cross form, and these led to this painting and one now in the Galerie des 20 Jarhunderts in West Berlin, in which structure was his first concern.
In both these paintings there is a compact tangle of barbed twigs forming a definite cross. The Berlin painting is wider in format, with an extensive cross-bar. Both show the thorn tree against a beautiful blue background, contrasting the symbol of anguish with a lyrical beauty.
Tate Gallery Retrospective catalogue, 1982