Richard Hamilton at Tate Modern

Offer Waterman & Co are delighted to sponsor of the new Richard Hamilton exhibition which opens at Tate Modern on Thursday 12 February.


One of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, Richard Hamilton (1922–2011) is widely regarded as a founding figure of pop art, who continued to experiment and innovate over a career of 60 years. Tate Modern presents the first retrospective to encompass the full scope of Hamilton’s work, from his early exhibition designs of the 1950s to his final paintings of 2011. The exhibition explores his relationship to design, painting, photography and television, as well as his engagement and collaborations with other artists.


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Exhibition dates:
13 February 26 May 2014

Entrance fees:

Adult £14.50 (without donation £13.10)
Concession £12.50 (without donation £11.30)


For more information and a full list of related events, please use this link: TATE GALLERY


February 3, 2014