Diarmuid Kelley in The Daily Telegraph

"The British figurative painter Diarmuid Kelley, who was commissioned by Prince Charles to paint the Duchess of Cornwall in 2012, has taken America by storm with his debut exhibition in New York, where 18 out of his 21 still life paintings and portraits sold on opening night.


As a student at Chelsea College of Art in the Nineties, Kelley found that teachers were more attuned to conceptual rather than figurative art, which was then out of fashion. There were no life classes.  Now, it appears Kelley’s meticulously observed and carefully composed paintings are better appreciated."


Colin Gleadell has been writing about the ups and downs of the global art market for 29 years. A regular contributor to a number of notable art world publications he writes The Daily Telegraph’s weekly Art Sales page.


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November 12, 2019