Diarmuid Kelley in Beyond Description - A two venue show in the United States

Diarmuid Kelley is participating in Beyond Description, a two venue exhibition of contemporary representational painters curated by Eric Elliot and Jordan Wolfson.  Both cities have strong figurative art communities that gravitate around active art ateliers that continue to produce technically proficient artists who need representation, and both galleries have made it a habit to offer major debut shows to emerging artists.

Sugarlift, which highlights contemporary realism from their space in Chelsea beneath the Highline, was founded in 2014 with the mission to “to help more artists create sustainable careers.” Figure Ground was founded just one year ago in an upstairs space in Pioneer Square, Seattle with the mission to show “masterpieces of representational art by living artists.”  Both galleries are helping to bring about a flourishing art culture by curating realism that is fresh and exciting for a modern audience, promoting collecting for the love of art, and establishing that the role of the gallery is to give artists the freedom and ability make great art.


Venues & Times:

Figure Ground Art Gallery, Seattle

Opening night: Thursday August 4th 5-9 pm and Thursday September 1st 5-9 pm

Exhibition dates: August 4th - Sept 30th
Exhibiting artists: Alix Bailey, Ann Gale, Catherine Kehoe, Christina Weaver, David Baird, Dean Fisher, Diarmuid Kelley, Edmond Praybe, Stephanie Pierce, Eric Elliott, Jordan Wolfson, Mathieu Weemaels, Osnat Oliva, Ruth Miller, Stanley Lewis, Wilbur Niewald, Ying Li, Zoey Frank


Sugarlift, New York

Opening night: Thursday August 4th 5-9 pm

Exhibition dates: August 4th - August 30th
Exhibiting artists: Alix Bailey, David Baird, Eric Elliott, Dean Fisher, Zoey Frank, Ann Gale, Catherine Kehoe, Diarmuid Kelley, Stanley Lewis, Ying Li, Ruth Miller, Wilbur Niewald, Osnat Oliva, Stephanie Pierce, Ed Praybe, Christina Weaver, Mathieu Weemaels, Jordan Wolfson


August 4, 2022