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Arts Council Touring Exhibition, Bridget Riley Complete Prints 1962 - 2001, 2002-3, cat no.5c illus b/w


During the preparatory work for a painting, I may make images which are tangential to the problems posed by the particular painting. Some of these images I return to and develop later, others remain as fragments of a theme. Bridget Riley, artist’s statement in Fragments catalogue, Robert Fraser Gallery, London, 1965 Although the prints of the Fragments suite are related to paintings done between 1962 and 1965, they have a distinct character of their own, which is formed by the way in which Bridget Riley has turned the limitations of the medium to advantage. Robert Kudielka ‘Introduction’ to Working Methods 4: Bridget Riley: Silkscreen prints 1965-78, Arts Council of Great Britain, London 1980