2010 Onwards

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A squirrel was a description that Pablo Picasso used to describe a figurative element in the work of Georges Braque. John Richardson titled Keith Milow’s biomorphic shaped works on paper `Squirrels’ after seeing Milow’s first example (Richardson acquired this work for his own private collection). He divulged to Milow,` Picasso frequently teased Braque that there was an unintended figurative element to Braque’s cubist paintings. Braque would attempt to paint these elements out of his paintings. However, on omitting one figurative element Picasso would always laugh that another Squirrel would then appear in Braque’s work. In one unspecified painting of a guitar by Braque it was possible to see a cowboy boot and a gun !’ (Private correspondence, the artist and Offer Waterman & Co., January 2012). Milow’s squirrel works hint at, limbs, members, digits - biomorphic shapes. There is an air of ambiguity about them which Milow relishes. Henry Moore is clearly a source of inspiration.