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Roland, Browse & Delbanco, London
Leicester Galleries, London
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A student of Theodore Roussel’s, an artist himself working very much under the influence of Whistler, Paul Maitland is the quintessential painter of late Victorian London, a significant if sometimes neglected member of the London Impressionist Group that had shown at Goupils in 1889 under the aegis of Sickert - Wilson Steer, Starr and Fred Brown among them. 'He may be said to have lived in Kensington Gardens by day and on the Chelsea Embankment by night' Sickert once observed, and indeed nearly all the paintings of this sadly short lived artist take these districts as the basis of their subject matter. Usually small in scale and delicate in colour and handling, they possess a quietness and simplicity of treatment that make them among the most intensely poetic of all London paintings, and are also quite remarkably modern in character.