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Roger Senhouse
Rutland Gallery, London
Aitken Dott & Son, Edinburgh
Waddington Galleries, London
Private Collection, UK


London, The Leicester Galleries, Recent Paintings by Ivon Hitchens, March 1949, cat no.19
London, The Leicester Galleries, Catalogue of an Exhibition of Paintings from 1940 - 1952 by Ivon Hitchens, June 1952, cat no.8
Edinburgh, Aitken Dott & Son, British Paintings, Drawings and Prints, May 1979, cat no.33


‘His paintings came out of a total absorption in nature and an acute sensitization of all his senses, not only his eyes. Ablauschen is the German word for this alert state of receptivity, but there seems to be no English equivalent. It applies specifically to listening - to straining one’s ears so as to find, or feel, one’s way into the hidden nature of things - a process of intimate understanding from within’ Peter Khoroche Ivon Hitchens, Lund Humphries, Aldershot, 2007, p.91