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Private Collection, UK


London, Roland, Browse and Delbanco, Recent Paintings by Prunella Clough, 1949, cat no.11


This still life painting was shown in the first full one-man show of the artist's paintings, following a smaller shared exhibition at the Leger Gallery in 1947. The show at Roland, Browse & Delbanco consisted of 35 paintings, mostly painted in the preceeding two years. The following is an extract from the exhibition catalogue: ' ...Her pictures have a quietness and intimacy allied with a very individual interpretation - a combination much in contrast with the prevalent tone in contemporary production. Prunella Clough does not allow her tendency towards clearness and her inclination for objective withdrawl to destroy the impression of her peculiarly intimate relationship with the world and life around her. The result is that she achieves the rare sythesis of definite form and sympathetic feeling, and if the analysis of her paintings is a difficult task for the critic, it is only another proof of their purely visual richness'