William Turnbull 1922 - 2012


The Estate of the Artist´╗┐


London, Serpentine Gallery, William Turnbull, Bronze Idols and Untitled Paintings, 15 November 1995 - 7 January 1996, cat no.20, illus colour p36


Ed. Theo Crosby, Uppercase 4, Whitefriars, London, 1960, illus b/w, unpaginated

Bernard Cohen, 'William Turnbull Painter and Sculptor', Studio International, Vol.186, July-August 1973, p13, illus colour p14; article later republished in Decade, February 1979, p37, illus colour p36

This work was at one time titled 'Yang' and as such can be considered a companion work to a painting in the Tate's collection, which was briefly titled 'Ying': http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/turnbull-no-1-1959-t01524/text-catalogue-entry